PT Sanggar Sarana Baja

The Synergy
to Move Forward

PT Sanggar Sarana Baja

PT.Sanggar Sarana Baja, known in the market as SSB, was established in Jakarta on March 19 1977,and focuses on manufacturing components for heavy equipment related to CAT products for Trakindo Utama. This business focus continues today, though much of the works now carried out at the mine sites.

1983: SSB started diversifying into activities which support the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power Generation Industries.

2001: SSB established two new divisions called the SSBS (Site Service Division) and the SSBR (Remanufacturing Division), both of which focus on product utilities and services in the Mining and Oil & Gas Industries.

2002: SSB acquired the key assets of PT. Porter Rekayasa Utama, a transportation equipment manufacturing company known as PRU, and established a new division called the SSBT (Transport Equipment Division). PRU is a joint venture between the long established Howard Porter Group from Western Australia and local Indonesian partners, and has been manufacturing in Indonesia since 1992.

2009: Sanggar Sarana Baja Remanufacturing Division (SSBR) completed its 55.000 square meter meter expansion facility in Kariangau-Balikpapan.

2011: SSB established a subsidiary under the name of PT Prima Wiguna Parama (PWP) to manage material handling for equipments related to energy industry.

Today, SSB employs over 2000 skilled workers in four operating divisions:

  • Fabrication Division (SSBF),
  • Site Service Division (SSBS),
  • Re-manufacturing Division (SSBR),
  • Transport Equipment Division (SSBT).