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How to Utilize Former Mining Land


Not only rich in local culture, Indonesia also has abundant mineral mines. With this wealth of natural resources, it is not surprising that Indonesia is ranked third in the world for the largest coal production, after China and India. This cannot be separated from the geographical location of Indonesia, which is passed by two circums, namely the Pacific and Mediterranean Circums, which form many minerals in the bowels of the Earth. Besides being passed by circums, Indonesia is also a tropical country that has a lot of forests. As a result of the weathering of plant fossils that occurred over millions of years, there were mining materials such as coal.

The number of mining activities in Indonesia cannot be separated from the large number of lands that have been used for mining processes. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out reclamation and post-mining efforts as a way to minimize changes in nature and the environment, as well as to utilize former mining land after mining operations are completed. The government also made a plan to reclaim former mining land into an environmentally friendly area and have a positive impact on many people. Of course, the implementation of reclamation and post-mining must involve the community actively starting from planning, implementation, and supervision.

The reclamation efforts for the use of former mining land are as follows:

Revegetation of Local Plants

Mining activities make it difficult for plants around the mine site to grow. This condition makes the environment arid, it is necessary to revegetation of local plants that are much more adaptable to the environment than other plants.

Synergize with Nature

This effort is carried out by improving the quality of the soil around the mining area. The hope is that the land can return to its original condition. Another effort is to plant fruit, with the aim of conserving the animals around the mining site.


This effort is used to improve land balance by involving chlorophyll plants. This technique is used to absorb the pollutant content in the soil with the help of these chlorophyll plants.

Educational Tourist Attractions

Reclamation of former mining land into educational tourism sites can also be an option, especially now that the government wants Indonesia to become an environmentally friendly area. Reclamation activities in former mining areas can also boost the economy and social life of the post-mining environment.


By: Corporate Communications PT ABM Investama Tbk