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Maintaining Sustainability with Environmental Friendly Mining Technology


Some of us may still think that any mining activity will damage the environment. In fact, a good mining company always cares about the preservation of the surrounding environment. This is because good mining practices are always bound by rules from the exploration, mining, to processing stages. One way that mining companies need to do to maintain sustainability is by utilizing modern technology that is environmentally friendly.

Through technological innovation, mining companies must have a strategy that focuses on responsible sustainable mining practices. This is why we now familiar with a concept called green mining or environmentally friendly mining. Green mining is mining which with its technology and engineering science can minimize air, soil and water pollution as well as toxic (Hazardous) waste in the mining operational area.

In addition to ensuring the preservation of the environment and the surrounding community, the use of technology can provide protection and security for the mining workers themselves. Mining companies certainly need to take various sustainability steps and strategies by managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through emission control, energy efficiency, maintaining biodiversity, waste management, and water and effluent management to ensure sustainability.

Besides being more environmentally friendly, the use of the latest mining equipment through the application of modern technology systems that are integrated from upstream to downstream, is also able to make mining activities very efficient. Thus, mining companies are now starting to take advantage of the latest technology to increase productivity in every process of their mining activities.

By: Corporate Communications PT ABM Investama Tbk.