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Fulfilling Logistics Needs through Transportation Connectivity


Recently, the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia expressed the importance of the role of transportation to unite Indonesia. Good transportation services are expected to be able to create connectivity or link between one area and another. Yes, of course it cannot be separated from transportation when it comes to connectivity. The way for regions in Indonesia can be reached by land, sea, and air transportation modes.

Transport connectivity will allow areas across the country to be easily accessible and visited. This transportation connectivity is also able to increase the number of logistics influx in those remote areas. In other words, logistics needs in Indonesia’s territory will be more easily fulfilled.

Indonesia as an archipelagic country certainly requires good connectivity to facilitate the movement of logistics distribution throughout Indonesia to remote, outermost, underdeveloped, and border areas (3TP). As for business actors, all logistics sector activities will be able to run stably if they are supported by a good and reliable transportation network. For this reason, logistics and transportation services are urgently needed to commit to providing convenience in the delivery of goods and services to various regions, including remote areas.

Integrated transportation and logistics services are also expected to be able to create a faster and more efficient flow of goods, thereby providing benefits for business actors in reducing transportation costs and saving time. All of these can be fulfilled through various transportation management services, such as warehousing management, bonded logistics centers, remote site/supply base services, port management, industrial cargo shipping and also dry bulk logistics.

By: Corporate Communications PT ABM Investama Tbk.