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Mining Areas Reclamation Objectives


As we all know, at the end of life of mine the post mining areas can be an unproductive land if it just left that way. Therefore, post mining reclamation activities are important and integral processes mandatory to be carried out by mining companies. The simple definition of post mining reclamation is the activities aimed to arranging, repairing, and restoring post mining areas so that it can function and be productive again according to its designation. In other words, the purpose of mining reclamation is basically to organize land uses that have been used by mining companies.

In this case, reclamation is included in post-mining activities. Post-mining activities are activities that are planned in systematic and continuous manner following mine closure and mining business activities in a particular area with the objective to restore its socio-economic and environmental functions. Even though it is called post-mining, this activity has basically been carried out since the beginning, even starting from the planning stage in early mine planning even prior to any mining activities were carried out.

You might be wondering, what will the post-mining land be used for?

In addition to improving the quality of the environment and ecosystem, this post-mining areas can also be earmarked for other useful needs and purposes, such as water reservoirs or reservoirs for plantation areas, so that the soil ecosystem can be restored to its productive state. Interestingly, many mining companies have taken the initiative to transform their post-mining areas into eco-tourism destination/attractions. With this new tourist attractions, of course it can pose positive benefit for the local socio-economy development, including providing jobs for the surrounding communities.

Indeed, every mining company is committed to ensuring sustainability for the environment and the local community. Reclamation is certainly an important pillar of that sustainability commitment.

By: Corporate Communications PT ABM Investama Tbk.