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Inaugurates a New Warehousing Facility in Palembang, CKB Group Makes It Easy Sumatra Regional Logistics Needs


Palembang, 16 March 2023 - PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group) continues to strengthen the company's business by expanding its business in various regions to meeting needs, logistics solutions, and national supply chains. Expansion this time carried out by relocating the company's Logistics Hub facility previously located on Jl. Cabbage. H Burlian KM 8.5, Sukarami, Palembang to Jl. Bypass Alang-Alang Lebar, Graha Mitra Sukarami Warehousing Complex, Palembang. On March 14th, CKB Group also just inaugurated the warehouse facility and cross dock located at Muara Enim, Jl. Prabumulih Cross, South Sumatra.

CKB Group Chief Executive Officer, Iman Sjafei stated that Palembang was chosen with consideration as a city of the mining industry as well as having great opportunities in logistics business growth. In addition, the warehouse location is located at a location with strategic distance close to Palembang Port and Airport International Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II.

"CKB Group Palembang and South Sumatra in the last three years have continued growing in line with the growth of ABM Group customers. Relocation done to increase service level and service leverage for CKB Group customers with better facilities and opportunities in mining, oil and gas areas," said Iman.

With the relocation of warehouses in Palembang, it will officially become a Hub CKB Group logistics in Sumatra, with regular delivery schedules from Palembang to Muara Enim. In addition, Palembang's warehousing will be the choice of drop point supplier, consolidation, and onward delivery to each customer both at site as well as delivery points.

CKB Group's affordability to customers is done as a form of commitment CKB Group in supporting the supply chain ecosystem in the energy industry in generally within the ABM Group Mining Value Chain (MVC) ecosystem.

As for other locations whose facilities have been inaugurated, they are spread across the Sumatra region, Balikpapan, and Eastern Indonesia. This expansion effort at the same time makes it happen commitment to 'Connecting the Nation' to make it easier for business people to building synergies with all stakeholders, as well as facilitating business people in logistics needs.

"This is also a form of CKB Group's commitment to restoring logistics activities post-pandemic campaign to support the government's efforts to encourage national economic recovery," said the Main Director of PT ABM Investama Tbk Achmad Ananda Djajanegara.

Not only serving logistical needs, CKB Group also provides logistics integrated sea transportation port and shipping services which include delivery of cargo and chartering of vessels for long term periods. Included in it technical management services and port operations that provide services storage and loading and unloading of goods both at the wharf and on the ship.

CKB Group's efforts to continue to develop the company's business show company resilience in dealing with situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) during the pandemic to post-Covid-19 pandemic. With maintaining service and operational excellence, the company is successful handling big player companies in various industries such as mining, gold mining, automotive (auto parts), lubricant and paint, tires, construction (smelters).

CKB Group not only provides warehousing services, but also as one a 3PL company (third party logistics company) that performs tasks around supply chain management. In addition, CKB Group has become an Authorized company a certified Economic Operator (AEO), which demonstrates company compliance on good customs or excise regulations. As for the achievements of the CKB Group throughout 2022 was successfully selected as "Warehouse Provider of The Year" as well as being included in the top three in the category “3PL Company of The Year” in the Bisnis Indonesia Logistics Awards event.

CKB Group is also the operator of Bonded Logistics Center (PLB). the application of PLB has proven to be a solution needed by business people who want the trading system to be more practical and efficient. Currently CKB The Group has 4 PLBs located in Cakung and Marunda (Jakarta), Osowilangun (Surabaya), and Somber (Balikpapan).