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PBB, Transport Mover Services Village Economy


Three units of dump trucks parked on the lawn two-story building in the center of the coal mining region. In the entrance area there is a signage warning "This is restricted area” apply with fully equipped with various signs and symbol of the company to protect the health and safety.

CV Panca Bina Banua (PBB) is an office which impressed national class companies located in this area, the activities of companies consist of repair, maintenance, until the administration of the company. At a location not far from the mining concession of PT. Tunas Inti Abadi the youth village manages no less than 34 units of truck DT 10 wheels with a payload capacity of 20-30 tons of coal. The PBB is a consortium of company comprising the transportation of coal from 5 community of TIA partner, namely Sebamban Baru, Sebamban Lama, Trimartani, Mangkalapi, and Bunati. Since 2014 TIA has used the community as partners in order to transport coal from the mine to the port area that is done every day for 24 hours.

PBB Operations Manager Mr. Ariffin said that the TIA has guided the PBB to become a professional company, TIA also make youth village can work and improve their welfare. TIA also includes the PBB for training and certification of the First Operational Mining Supervision.

Now the PBB has fulfilled all the regulations that are required as a mining service company. Uniquely, TIA direct requires the PBB to provide most of the company's revenue to 5 villages and will be managed jointly in each village in order to improve the welfare of their villages, and the size of the revenue depends on the amount of coal transported by the PBB. Currently each month around 80 million funds that every village received from PBB and exclude the employment of 118 people.

Mr. Fazrinor as Public Relations of TIA said that the allocation, distribution, and management of funds for the construction of public welfare are very transparent. Each village manages their own funds, but TIA still doing the monitoring to get the result to be optimized. They also do some training, such as training how to manage the funds in large numbers and uses sufficiently.

Fazrin hopes, the PBB not only exist in its region, with their experience and commitment to grow, the PBB can become a transport contractors anywhere in South Kalimantan and outside the province.