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ABM implements Good Corporate Governance (GCG) optimally in running the businesses. We uphold the five principles of GCG, i.e. transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness. Moreover, we align these principles with the Company's core values which are Integrity, Sustainable Development, Excellence, Proactive, Accountability, and Teamwork.

Our implemented CGC is based on current laws and regulations, which are the provisions of Law Number 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Companies, General Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance established by the National Committee on Governance (KNKG), Financial Services Authority (OJK) regulations, and Indonesian Stock Exchange regulations (IDX).

We continuously refine and review regularly of our GCG Soft Structure, which consisted of GCG 
Corporate Governance tools and policies. We done this in order to ensure that GCG implementation can be carried out optimally and in accordance with the business world that are keep changing dynamically. As of the end of 2019, our GCG soft structure is as follows:


  1. Company's articles of association; 
  2. GCG Charter; 
  3. Code of Ethics & Conduct; 
  4. Board of Commissioners & Directors Work Guidelines (Board Manual);
  5. Company regulations; 
  6. Company policy; 
  7. Company Procedure