PT Cipta Kridatama

The Synergy
to Move Forward

PT Cipta Kridatama

Founded on April 8, 1997 initially as an expansion of PT Trakindo Utama’s used equipment and rental division for Caterpillar heavy equipment, PT Cipta Kridatama (CK) has now grown as a Mining Contractor

This showed the dynamic in our vision and strategy as we did not just stop in our business in the previous industry that has been very successful for years, but we also thought about expansion as we saw a better and bigger opportunity in the mining services industry.

As the result of our expansion, our company has now been entrusted by concession owners and mining operating companies to explore and produce coal from several locations in Kalimantan and Sumatera. We can proudly say that we are moving closer to achieve our vision “To be the leading Indonesian Mining Contractor.”

We knew from the onset that to win trust from our customers we need highly qualified human resources with experience in mining operation, solid capital structure, a comprehensive management and IT system, and high standards in quality management, safety, health and environment. We have proven to our customers that we meet all those requirements and continue to strive to perform beyond expectations.  

Currently, we employed more than 3,900 people including dedicated and resourceful mining engineers, geologists, construction engineers, surveyors and project estimators. With their  support, we can provide customers with the best solutions to their production and operation process, using our latest softwares and equipments.

As a subsidiary of ABM Investama, a member of Tiaga Marga Trakindo group, we possess a strong capital structure which significantly helps raise customers’ confidence towards us.

We have applied system application and products in data processing (SAP) and CCSIS (Cipta Kridatama Services Information System), supported by workgroup applications systems accessible throughout Indonesia through the TMT information system network. This integrated system has enabled us to monitor our business processes at multiple job sites in real time.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality management, occupational safety and health management. In 2007, our company obtained certification in ISO 19001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. We continually review the suitability of these standards with the implementation of workplace culture in order to create a QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment) working environment. We do this to ensure compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

In the pursuit of being a 'Green Company', we always make sure that our operations are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner through careful waste management and site rehabilitation programs.

We also establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners, nearby communities, government and concession's owners. As part of our commitment towards corporate social responsibility, we have implemented numerous educational, social, cultural and community health projects in the areas surrounding the mine sites.