The Synergy
to Move Forward

ABM group CSR is based on creating value for stakeholders in a wider scope of social, economic and environmental perspectives.

ABM Investama believes that the business sustainability would not be achieved by mere operational targets, not only be influenced by financial performance, but would also be positively correlated to social performance providing added values for all stakeholders including employees and their families, shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners, public and government. The Company has a moral obligation to provide benefits for others, including widening the opportunities for Indonesians to achieve better life in a sustainable manner.

Article 74 of Law No. 40/2007 of Limited Liability Company states that the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is designed to create a harmonious relationship with the environment, values, norms and ultures of local people. While according to World Business Council on Sustainable Development, CSR represents the Company's commitment to have ethical behaviour and to contribute to the sustainable economic development, while improving the quality of life for its employees and their families, local community and general public.