The Synergy
to Move Forward
Corporate Governance

To find out and get a picture GCG implementation quality, the Company has conducted periodic assessment for the last 3 (three) years. Assessment and evaluation ofGCG implementation are conducted independently (self assessment) using service of an independent consultant MUC Consulting Group. The assessment is conducted through questionnaires, documents review and interviews to draw conclusions based on MUC GCG Scorecard assessment methodology that includes six main measurement aspect swhich are:

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of Shareholders/GMS,
  2. GCG policies,
  3. GCG implementation,
  4. Information Disclosure,
  5. Commitment to Good Governance Implementation,
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility.

Of all the six main aspects, the Company’s total score in 2013 was 95.11 of total maximum score of 100.00 or equivalent to 95.11% so that the overall GCG implementation assessment results of PT ABM Investama obtained “Excellent” rating. During 3 years of GCG implementation assessment, the Company’s score always improves as illustrated in the chart below. This improvement reflects the Company’s efforts in improving governance quality with continuous improvement.