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Corporate Governance

Corporate Secretary is appointed by the Company by considering professional capability and integrity in public and business. Corporate Secretary reports to President Director. In general, Corporate Secretary serves as Compliance Officer who assists Board of Directors to comply with good corporate governance provisions. Functions and role of Corporate Secretary are stipulated in Corporate Secretary Charter which was issued based on Decision of Board of Directors of PT ABM Investama Tbk No. 002/ABM-CIR-Dir/2012 dated January 30, 2012 concerning Corporate Secretary Charter. Corporate Secretary Charter contains policies that govern aspects related to functions and role of Corporate Secretary toward Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, committees and shareholders of ABM Investama, compliance with the laws and regulations in capital markets as well as delivery and provision of corporateinformation to internal and external parties.

Profile of Corporate Secretary

Rinda Donovan

Corporate Secretary

Indonesian citizen. Domiciled in South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. Appointed as Corporate Secretary of the Company on 12 February 2018. Acquired Bachelor of Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, jakarta in 1999. Before he served as Corporate Secretary of the Company,

he worked as Head of Legal Department of the Company since 2010 – 2017, Head of Legal and Corporate Secretary at PT Tiara Marga Trakindo for period of 2007 – 2010 and as Legal Consultant at Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo Law Firm for 8 years.