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Our Value Chain

Mining Value Chain

In mining activities, simplicity of distribution and access to goods and services is an important factor in the supply chain. CKB Logistics respond these needs through various services that support shipping and logistics activities in different areas, i.e. to remote locations that are difficult to reach. The Company's supply chain solutions are supported by business activities consisting of nine business fields covering various aspects of logistics services.

Our Services
Port Management

Technical and operational management services for handling, storage, and loading and unloading operations on board or at the dockside. This service is managed by PT Pelabuhan Buana Reja (PBR).


Landing Craft Tank (LCT) ship supply services primarily to support the energy and mining industries including long-term rental of LCT vessels as well as voyage charters, ship agency services and liners. in shipping and transportation activities on marine routes including ship management, ship chartering, ship maintenance, and ship repair services. This service is managed by PT Alfa Trans Raya (ATR).

Coal Barging

Coal transportation services use barges to fulfill supply chain activities of mining industry players including leading coal producers and coal users in Indonesia, especially for domestic shipping (transshipment and long towing). This service is managed by PT Baruna Dirga Dharma (BDD).


Stevedoring services for mining products that include the process of loading and unloading cargo as well as the cargo transfer. This service is managed by PT Dianta Daya Embara (DDE).