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Unfolding Tourism Potential, This Mining Company Has Built Four Coral Reef Clusters


Banjarmasinpost.co.id | Banjarmasin - Even though Coal Sector is no longer considered as a promising business, it is not a sector that can be easily dismissed. More so with the growing number of companies currently engaged in the coal business in South Kalimantan.

According to the data taken from the South Kalimantan Provincial Government, Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, there are at least 317 holders of coal mining business licenses (IUP), consisting of 17 exploration permits and 300 production operations permits. However, out of 300 operating permit holders, only 80 IUP holders are still operating. One of the companies holding IUP that is still operating is PT Tunas Inti Abadi (TIA).

In a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) conducted on the current and future prospects of South Kalimantan's Coal yesterday, a representative from PT TIA's revealed the company's strategy to face the current challenges.

The Head of Mining Engineering at PT Tunas Inti Abadi (TIA), Hari Sutikno, said that maximizing the benefits of coal mining without forgetting environmental sustainability and community welfare is something that must be considered.

This is a responsibility to the community, especially for the future generations. Having its operation in the South Kalimantan region, PT TIA seeks to restore the post-mining environment. Among others by turning ex-mining land into agricultural, plantation, animal husbandry and forestry land. To elaborate on post-mining tourism potential, PT TIA has also built four coral reef clusters, including that in Angsana.

Solikhin, the Head of the South Kalimantan Province Mining Permit and Contractors Association (Aspektam) said that each coal business owners should consider more on developing the public welfare of the surrounding community around the mining area.

"We should not let what happen in the timber sector years ago happens again in the coal sector, where there were no significant public facilities such as decent roads nor hospitals were established post the land utilization”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of Minerba from the ESDM Office in the South Kalimantan Provincial Government, A. Gunawan Harjito  said that the government has started n to reduce its dependency on coal, whilst starts to develop bioenergy using palm tree shells and midribs to supply local energy needs.

Editor: Edinayanti